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A quality installation matters most

Investing in a new home comfort system is a large upfront expense for any homeowner. However, no matter the brand of equipment being installed the most important factor in the performance of a system is the quality of the contractor’s installation and start up. Prior to any installation, North Valley Mechanical performs a free in home evaluation of your existing comfort system while listening to your indoor comfort concerns. Whether it is hot or cold spots throughout the home, indoor air quality issues, excessive dust or odor North Valley Mechanical takes the time to size the new system to run efficiently and designs a custom installation to address your needs.


Bigger is not always better

North Valley Mechanical ensures all new construction and retro-fit replacements are sized accurately through Manual J load calculations for increased comfort and efficiency. APS performed an analysis of 75,000 field tests revealing that more than 75% of installed cooling equipment fails to meet manufacturer specifications for airflow and refrigerant charge. Quality installations can improve the performance of your system up to 20% (saving you up to $180/year). As an APS & SRP qualified contractor, all systems North Valley Mechanical installs must pass the APS & SRP commissioning standards to meet safety and energy savings guidelines.