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Energy Savings

Saving Energy is Saving Money

In Arizona no matter the time of year, summer is inevitably around the corner. With the impending threat of triple digit temperatures and high dollar utility bills, there is no time like the present to evaluate your home’s performance. North Valley Mechanical is not only uniquely qualified as an air conditioning professional but also as a BPI Certified Home Performance Contractor and Building Analyst to evaluate your entire structure and energy consumption. An APS study on duct leakage found most valley homes experience up to 33% of airflow leaking through existing duct work. This costs a homeowner on average 15% of their monthly utility bill. Don’t lose money air conditioning your attic. Duct sealing, air barrier sealing, added insulation and high-efficiency air conditioning upgrades can provide increased comfort, safety and efficiency in a minimal payback period.


Minimal Investment

The Home Performance with Energy Star Checkup is valued as a $300 assessment which is currently being rebated by APS and SRP. As a result, only a $99.00 investment cost gets you a comprehensive assessment of how your home uses energy. North Valley Mechanical can identify areas of energy waste and recommend energy efficiency improvements tailored specifically toward your home. Get financing options with the National Bank of Arizona, APS & SRP rebates plus improved comfort and affordability!


12 ways to save on energy costs

• Install a high efficiency heat pump or air conditioner
• Have your system professionally maintained
• Get the right sized unit for your home
• Make sure your unit has the right refrigerant charge and air flow
• Reduce duct leaks
• Insulate your duct work
• Add insulation to your attic
• Make sure you have adequate attic ventilation
• Shade your windows from the sun
• Weatherproof your home
• Use a programmable thermostat
• Use ceiling fans