What is going on with R-22 refrigerant phase-out?

The cost of running out-dated air conditioning equipment is on the rise. While the phase-out of R-22 refrigerant has been discussed for years, consumers and contractors felt the pangs of limited supply resulting in the average cost per pound tripling throughout the summer. In an effort to proactively explore cost effective alternatives for clients who could not afford a full system replacement when faced with major breakdowns, North Valley Mechanical contacted Dupont, home of the miracles of science, to see what options were being engineered. North Valley Mechanical was selected to participate in a case study with Dupont to examine alternative refrigerant options that could withstand the intense heat in Arizona and perform under the same pressures as R-22 refrigerant. After two years of infield testing, North Valley Mechanical decided Dupont Isceon MO99 was the solution for our clients’ repairs.

Costs will continue to rise

In 2013, the EPA will further dwindle this already limited supply further escalating operating costs. While the best option when faced with a major breakdown of an R-22 refrigerant system is an upgrade to an R410 refrigerant high efficiency heat pump or air conditioner, North Valley Mechanical prefers to provide clients alternatives and be part of industry advancements and engineering. Click here to learn more about the North Valley Mechanical and Dupont case study.

How can I save on my energy costs?

• Install a high efficiency heat pump or air conditioner
• Have your system professionally maintained
• Get the right sized unit for your home
• Make sure your unit has the right refrigerant charge and air flow
• Reduce duct leaks
• Insulate your duct work
• Add insulation to your attic
• Make sure you have adequate attic ventilation
• Shade your windows from the sun
• Weatherproof your home
• Use a programmable thermostat
• Use ceiling fans

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